Airbrush Tan by Shan | What are the Benefits of Spray Tanning?
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What are the Benefits of Spray Tanning?

What are the Benefits of Spray Tanning?

• It is safe and UV free.  No exposure to UVA or UVB rays.

• It is recommended by dermatologist and approved by the FDA.

• Spray tanning is quick and only takes 15 minutes.  You are tan immediately versus laying in a tanning bed for days or spending hours out in the sun.

• Airbrushing offers a flawless application that can not be duplicated by rub in tanning lotions.  There is no odor, streaks, or risk of turning orange.

• You can have a custom color of a golden glow or brownish tan.

• Lasts 7-10 days from the first day of application.  No more waiting for your burn to turn into a tan or dealing with unsightly pealing.

• You will look and feel great which will boost your confidence tremendously.  Your teeth will also appear to be whiter without taking a trip to the dentist.  Airbrushing can conceal many blemishes and imperfections on your skin as well.

• You can go on with your day immediately because the solution dries quickly.

• You can tan all year long because the level of darkness can change with the seasons which insures you always look natural, even in the winter.

• You preserve your skin and reduce your risk of pre-mature aging.  Why would anyone want to help wrinkles come sooner than they should?

• All of the products I use are organic and paraben free.  Many of them also have aloe vera and anti-aging agents in them to help moisturize your skin for optimal health.  Please be sure to let me know if you have sensitive skin or allergies to particular products.

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